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Teeing off 2012

It’s that time of year again! Two stress-tastic days culminating in 20 minutes of presenting to 100 barely-able-to-contain-their-excitement Doosan dudes!

Doosan Latest News

Doosan’s Biggest Year Ever!

In his New Year message, Chairman Y.H Park has praised the work of employees across the globe for making 2011 Doosan’s biggest ever year. 
Doosan’s effort to attract new talents resulted in welcoming 3,000 new employees – the largest number of new family members in Doosan’s history.

Kuki Helicopters Latest News

Kuki Give ITV & Santa A Lift

Congratulations to our friends at Kuki Helicopters who gave the brave kids at Sheffield Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice AND ITV’s Daybreak, AND Santa a great Christmas treat.

ITV Text Santa AppealEach day this week Daybreak is flying Santa along with Gethin Jones to a Children’s Hospital or Hospice in a different region of the UK in support of ITV1’s TEXT SANTA APPEAL.

Simon and co. were more than happy to help when it came to giving the reindeers a day off and taking Santa up in the sky!

See more here!

Doosan Latest News

Award Winning Vision Of The Future

Doosan has been awarded further recognition for its futuristic Intelligent Concept Forklift, this time in the form of the iF Product Design Award.

Since 1953, iF has invited international manufacturers and designers to enter their products in the iF design awards. Design experts from all over the world come together in the iF juries to evaluate the entries: excellent design is recognized and rewarded.

Danielle Doncaster Marketing Fun Stuff Latest News

Sweet Treat at Tickhill Christmas Market!

Congratulations to our friends at The Little Sweet Shop in Tickhill. They’ve got off to a flying start, with the small help of a few designery bits from us!

The opening night was a huge success for the little shop, with the Mayor of Tickhill officially cutting the bright pink ribbon! When we arrived we couldn’t see for the amount of people queuing out of doors, both young uns and oldies.

Danielle Doosan Latest News Public Relations TB Marketing

Mexmast Joins Doosan Network

Congratulations to our clients Mexmast and Doosan who have got it together in the best possible sense…

Doosan is pleased to announce the appointment of Mexmast as an official distributor of our forklift equipment. Based in West Sussex, Mexmast is one of the largest independent forklift companies in the South East supplying new and used forklifts to their growing customer base.

Tim Waples, UK director and general manager of Doosan Industrial Vehicles said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mexmast and believe they will make a strong addition to our dealer portfolio. They have a wealth of experience dealing with large companies and a long established stability to the business. “We are very happy to be welcoming them to the Doosan family.

Beno Fun Stuff Latest News TB Marketing

Marvin & The Starlighters


 Fame at last! Great spot from our mates at Windsor… Can’t beat a bit of twist rock.

Beno Doncaster Marketing Latest News

Two shows. One no-show.

Logistics Link North, DoncasterYou might wonder what possesses the organisers of two logistics exhibitions to hold shows in Doncaster on the same day, we certainly have.

Today is the second of two days for the Logistics Link North show (“an unmissable opportunity to test and compare“), held in a cavernous empty warehouse and the first of the two day Totally Logistics North show (“Redefining the Logistics exhibition experience“) at the home of our favourite jolly, Doncaster Racecourse. With our forklift-clients hat on, we’ve popped in to see what all the fuss is about and have to agree with our mate Mr MacLeod that they’ve put Doncaster on the map ‘for the wrong reasons’.

Still, the Racecouse show looks busy enough and the Link guys will probably find adequate reasons to do it all again. Judging by the quizzical looks on their faces, I’m not sure our clients will want to take part, at least until the organisers sort the timing out.

Our problem with these shows is that they tend to be done for the benefit of the organisers, not the visitors. That’s not to say they don’t try hard to advertise the events, but surely it would have been better as one good show, than two okay ones? That said, it does give us an opportunity to say hello to some of our friends and for them to go out in Donny, have a beer and be hung over on one of the nicest days of the year.

Sorry I missed that one. If it wasn’t for these damn clients keeping us busy…

Doosan Latest News Public Relations

Doosan Unveiled As New Supplier to Saint-Gobain

Leading forklift manufacturer, Doosan, has been chosen as the preferred supplier of leading international construction materials group Saint-Gobain.

The UK’s largest ever forklift deal will see the company supply over 2,000 counterbalance trucks across a variety of Saint-Gobain UK manufacturing, retail and merchant sites. These include the company’s Jewson, JP Corry and Gibbs and Dandy builders’ merchant networks.

Danielle Latest News Public Relations TB Marketing

A Bit Of A ‘Situation’ Situation

Can paying an undesirable customer not to use your products save you from brand damage- or does it because more harm than good?

Concerned that its brand image was going to be tainted by the stars of popular reality TV show Jersey Shore (nope I’ve never heard of it either) US clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch have taken the bold step of offering to pay the cast NOT to wear its clothes.

Advertising Danielle Latest News

Why Every Woman Wants to be Engaged

A-ha! So that’s why we always want to spend your money, new research finds women pay more attention to and are therefore more engaged in ads than men.

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising is a hard one to crack and when targeting consumers the separate interests and feelings of both men and women are major factors in marketing communications campaigns.

Aislin Doncaster Marketing Latest News TB Marketing

Celebrating 10 great years

Our celebrations got well under way on Saturday at Doncaster Racecourse, where we were joined by some of our clients and friends to enjoy a day of racing and a performance from McFly!

Beno Doncaster Marketing Latest News

Ten Cool Doncaster Marketing Examples (and a couple of very bad ones)

Most of our work is focused on other parts of the world… Northampton, Hinckley, Gamston, Hull, er, Seoul… We don’t do as much as we’d like to locally (pay attention Doncaster business owners!) but maybe that will change soon.

We are, however, always looking around for examples of cool marketing ideas, and sometimes they’re close to home. We had a vote on our favourites from Doncaster (in the interests of fairness, none of them are ours!) here’s what we came up with…

Doncaster Marketing examples

10th: Jimmy’s Open All Hours sign
Pros: Look! That really is where they filmed Open All Hours!
Cons: Is that the best they could come up with?

Bigger Con: The actual shop is somewhere else (actually here)! And it’s a bloomin hairdressers! Bloody marketing!

Doosan Latest News

Doosan’s Direct Investment

Leading forklift manufacturer, Doosan, has made a major capital investment in its top regional distributor, Fork Truck Direct.

The Essex-based dealer sells over 100 new Doosan forklifts each year and aims to increase its annual turnover, currently in excess of £3.5m, by 30 to 35 percent within the next 3 years. The move follows Doosan’s recent decision to create a new standalone business, Doosan Industrial Vehicles.

DIV UK director and general manager, Tim Waples, believes the six figure investment will enable FTD to expand their coverage, as well as recruit additional sales and service personnel, and help Doosan to become the UK’s dominant player.

Aislin Beno Danielle Latest News Patrick TB Marketing

It’s All About You!

TB Marketing is this year celebrating 10 successful years in business and we are trying to fit in as much ‘celebrating’ as possible…

Beno Latest News TB Marketing

Don’t Print Me

Where do you get your news from?

Chances are there’s a variety of news sources on your radar, but soon newspapers might not be one of them.

It’s probably about as good a time to start a newspaper as it is to get into pay phones or vhs shops, but that didn’t stop the Independent launching the “I” this year and being the only mashed up tree to see its circulation increase when the last lot of figures came out (thanks to being a:good, b:cheap and c:tv advertised).

Figures for newspaper readership look fairly robust, until you think about where they used to be and where they are going.

Latest News Patrick TB Marketing

It’s all about the children…

Pato is a big charity fan, so you can imagine his reaction when someone came into the office from Donna’s Dream House… he was of course, very excited.

Pato described the Dreamhouse as, a place for poorly kids in Blackpool, but it was probably the Abba music on their website that really got his attention. Well, that and the sweets.

Aislin Latest News

Ash’s trip to Westexe

I recently had the opportunity to pay our friends down at Westexe a visit for a fun filled day of farmers, food, animals and lots and lots of cider drinking at the Devon County Fair!

Latest News Public Relations TB Marketing

News That’s Dead Good

There can’t be many things that have stayed stuck in there from my actual university days (they were ahem, a few years or so ago afterall) but one thing that certainly stayed with me is the inevitability of communication.

The idea that whatever you do and however you say it, you ARE sending a message to customers, suppliers, prospects and other key audiences.

Perhaps it was the absurd analogy of a dead person communicating that they weren’t alive by ‘not breathing’ that made it so memorable.

Whatever, I’m glad it stayed in there.

When you consider this idea, it maybe shifts the focus on ‘whether’ you communicate, onto ‘what’. Many clients now accept the idea that bad news fills a communication vacuum.

It might just be gossip or it might be malicious, but either way, it’s easy to see examples of companies getting a hard time or fending off wild rumours when there’s no official viewpoint to fall back on.

Latest News Rushlift

Rushlift Secures Europe’s Biggest MHE Deal


The exclusive ten-year deal will see Rushlift supply the group with a variety of materials handling equipment and covers the management and maintenance of over 2,000 forklifts across a variety of UK manufacturing, retail and merchant sites. These include the company’s Jewson, JP Corry and Gibbs and Dandy builders’ merchants chains.

The scale of the agreement, over two years in the making and worth around £100m over the next 10 years, has prompted Rushlift to recruit 30 additional engineering, account management and administrative personnel, with more appointments expected to follow.

Latest News TB Marketing

Having A Ball

All the gang recently upped sticks and attended the lovely BITA Ball at the equally lovely Stratford Upon Avon. Pato enjoyed the dancing, Aislin enjoyed the comedian, Tony enjoyed the chat and DJ enjoyed the choons! We were most taken aback by the lovely outfits on display – especially these from the, er, brave Peter MacLeod and Rob Fisher. Well done boys! Thanks also to the lovely folk at HSS and Doosan for inviting us.