So, you’ve read the previous blog posts on paid and earned method for improving your search ranking, plus how to boost web visitors and maximise your use of social media. Now it’s time for the action plan, right?

Step one: Consistency

The first thing you should do when setting out to get noticed online is ensure your company information is consistent. This will enable Google to quickly identify all of the information as relating to one company rather than several, and therefore make it much more likely for you to rank higher on Google. There are tools available to show you how consistent your details are across the web. We use one called Moz Local.

Step two: Common questions

As mentioned in a previous post, we usually start by asking the most customer-facing employees what the common questions are regarding your products, services and company. If you get the opportunity, you could even ask your existing customers what their initial queries were. Answering these questions in a clear and concise format will provide you with your web content, and if you answer questions that your competitor’s websites don’t – you’re on your way to ranking high for those search queries.

Step three: Communicate

Once you have your basic web pages optimised to answer your customers’ questions, it doesn’t stop there. Google favours regularly updated websites – it reinforces the knowledge that the business is still up and running, and things are happening that are worth reporting on the internet. So share company news, industry opinions and unique insights on your websites frequently – then post them in your social media communities to communicate your message on all platforms.

Need a hand?

Whether your audience is local, regional, national or global – we believe every kind of business can benefit from content marketing. Check out our recent work with companies of all sizes if you need convincing. Or are you curious how content marketing could help your organisation reach its marketing goals? Contact us at for an informal chat about how our methods could help your business.


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