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Detank UK Launch

Fast-growing Chinese industrial forklift manufacturer Detank has arrived in the UK.

Launched as recently as 2010, Detank has quickly become established as one of the world’s fastest-growing industrial machinery brands.

The new range, revealed to international dignitaries and leading industry figures at a London launch event, includes 1 to 10 tonne diesel trucks, 1.5 to 3.5 tonne LPG trucks, and 1.3 to 2 tonne electric trucks.

Each model was designed specifically for the UK and North American market and built to European designs using familiar components to simplify maintenance and repairs.

Finance will be supplied by Detank UK Finance, with lease purchase, finance lease, operating lease, and contract hire all available to customers and dealers.

Several senior managers, including Chery Detank vice president Hu Xuejun, flew in from the company’s new 280-acre factory and quality control facility in Wuhu, China.

Speakers included Zhao Xiaoming from the Chinese Embassy, while Parmy Singh of Coventry City Council represented Detank’s new West Midlands home.

A signing ceremony before the launch also marked a deal paving the way for Detank’s expansion into the Mexican market.

Lash Saranna, the man behind Detank UK, has a long history of importing and vehicles worldwide. He was head of the UK’s leading independent Porsche Centre before turning his sights towards China and Detank.

He said: “There’s a reason Detank is making so much headway around the world; the quality and price point are incredible. If we can show just a little bit of that to the UK I guarantee people will take notice.

“In particular, it feels good to be bringing forklift trucks back to Coventry, a place with such a proud heritage in the industry.”

To find out more about the Detank range of forklift trucks, contact Lash Saranna on 08456 444993 or visit

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Detank Forklift Launch

Sun Haocheng, Lash Saranna, and Mr Zhou Xiaoming

For more info visit: Detank UK