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Two shows. One no-show.

Logistics Link North, DoncasterYou might wonder what possesses the organisers of two logistics exhibitions to hold shows in Doncaster on the same day, we certainly have.

Today is the second of two days for the Logistics Link North show (“an unmissable opportunity to test and compare“), held in a cavernous empty warehouse and the first of the two day Totally Logistics North show (“Redefining the Logistics exhibition experience“) at the home of our favourite jolly, Doncaster Racecourse. With our forklift-clients hat on, we’ve popped in to see what all the fuss is about and have to agree with our mate Mr MacLeod that they’ve put Doncaster on the map ‘for the wrong reasons’.

Still, the Racecouse show looks busy enough and the Link guys will probably find adequate reasons to do it all again. Judging by the quizzical looks on their faces, I’m not sure our clients will want to take part, at least until the organisers sort the timing out.

Our problem with these shows is that they tend to be done for the benefit of the organisers, not the visitors. That’s not to say they don’t try hard to advertise the events, but surely it would have been better as one good show, than two okay ones? That said, it does give us an opportunity to say hello to some of our friends and for them to go out in Donny, have a beer and be hung over on one of the nicest days of the year.

Sorry I missed that one. If it wasn’t for these damn clients keeping us busy…