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A Very Satisfying (ahem) Few Years

Yay! Today is my birthday, quite a big one too! Yep, thirty years old and I’m ver… sorry, what? Oh, okay, it’s bigger than that. Like most members of the big 4-0 club, I’m still in denial and the written number looks a lot bigger than the one rattling about my addled head.  That’s probably a good thing, as there’s a fairly slim chance I’ll start acting my age pretty soon (unless you count gardening, which of course, I don’t).

What with all the birthday shenanigans, the only-as-old-as-the-woman-you-feel –type clichés; the ‘I need to go home for a nap’ jokes (actually, not a joke) and losing my train of thought at precisely the wrong… where was I going with this… anyway, it’s natural to reflect on some of the top stuff we’ve done over the years.

In the past I’ve been involved in some great projects – Tomorrow’s World, National Superdome, Paul Eyre… but if I told you too much about them, I’d probably end up getting sued. Again. So here’s Birthday Beno’s guide to the Top 5 Most Satisfying Jobs by Doncaster’s finest marketing agency*.

Before we start, there’s no room for presentations, posters, mailers, exhibitions and loads of other stuff that didn’t make this list, but you can still see a shot of some of them here. Okay, here we go…

  •  Number 5: Our work for NAMTEC was simultaneously incredibly satisfying and very frustrating. Some nice design work by Pato, a bit of strategy from Beno and a lot of hard database work by our mate at Waspmedia meant this was the best confused job we ever did.

  •  Number 4:  Doosan’s price list and interactive order form. Seen by only a few, but one of our favourites. What started out as an excel spreadsheet and a fax, has become a great tool for everyone using it. ‘The best in the industry’ said the boss, and who are we to argue. Another Doosan job, this time the UK website, also brought us fame and fortune. Well, a little fame at least. Now we’ve re-done it in French, Italian and German. Oui!
  •  Number 3: We simply wouldn’t be here without our mate at FourK Systems. Working with Scammy, on corporate id, strategy, PR and online, is always satisfying and we hope Scammy junior makes it even more so by continuing his meteoric rise to fame in the cycling world!
  •  Number 2: A bit of a cheat this as it’s the Rushlift, Doosan, Windsor and Kuki brochures. There’s something very satisfying about getting a nice brochure done and these four are very fine indeed. We’ll try forget about the ‘healthy’ gestation period and numerous drafts because we love our clients.
  •  Number 1: This can only be one thing, well actually loads of things. It’s Dr Who phone boxes in Hull; lycanthropy in Switzerland; Rolls-Royce in Norway; strange food in Yantai; great food in Bergamo; ‘oranging the bastard’ in Brussels and all the other crazy things that go along with taking my old/undead mate Calow around the world on various case study photoshoots. And the satisfaction comes from not only doing a fantastic job, but that we had a great time doing it. Even if he is getting on a bit.

A big thanks to everyone – you know who you are! – for the birthday wishes and for making all this possible.  Scarily, I’m now on to the next stage where I get to see Team Beno in its latest guise as Aislin, Ben, DJ & Fletch kicking ass and taking names.  Watch out everyone, they’ve learnt from an old master – 18 years old with 22 years’ experience.



P.S. Told Danielle that Calow got a mention at No.1 and he was quite chuffed about it. Her response? “Sentimental old b*stard!”

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