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Ready for take off…

Our friends at Rushlift GSE are set to make a splash at the GSE Buyers & Ramp-Op Conference in Dublin. We’ve been busy putting together a snazzy new ad, conference handout and display materials for them. The conference sees senior figures in the world of GSE manufacturing and procurement come together with ramp operators to learn, discuss and network over the course of this industry-leading meeting. It also covers the benefits of GSE leasing in relation to ownership and the value to a carrier of employing a specialised handler, which we think our guys will be very interested in! Have a great trip fellas…

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Make sure your batteries are undead

Chicago agency Y&R Midwest pick a less obvious movie theme for battery client, DieHard…


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Around The World In 80 Emails

:Ten Tips For Working With Overseas Clients

A few years ago (okay it was 17), the ad agency I was working at belonged to a formal international network of agencies that would rely on one another if a client wanted work doing in more than one country. Well, that was the plan at least.

Perhaps the Chairman got a nice weekend break out of it, but otherwise it was impossible to maintain much of a relationship with 20-odd other overseas businesses, and as far as we could tell, the things we had in common, other than belonging to the same network, were nil.

Being able to produce consistently good work was tough, especially when the international work was like a French steak, pretty rare.

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@Social Media; making business well, social.

In the first of TB Marketing’s debates, Ben argues FOR the use of social media by businesses…

In a society where Facebook reigns, where nothing is confirmed unless ‘tweeted’ and professional bloggers earn more money than many businessmen, it is a wonder that people still question the power of social media.

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Hi I’m Richard Branson…

It’s definitely a love hate relationship between me and Virgin.

I’m loving the brand with its glam attitude and ultra-cool look, but the boss creeps me out!

However, I do like the latest Virgin Media ad featuring the fastest man on PLANET EARTH Mr Usain Bolt!… Do ya get it?…. Do ya get why they used him? Great bit of sporting endorsement in an Olympic year and some great writing to get the most out of someone who may be awesome at running in a straight line but is probably not exactly a great actor….oh yeah, and Brano’s in it too.

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Why Every Woman Wants to be Engaged

A-ha! So that’s why we always want to spend your money, new research finds women pay more attention to and are therefore more engaged in ads than men.

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising is a hard one to crack and when targeting consumers the separate interests and feelings of both men and women are major factors in marketing communications campaigns.