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A Very Satisfying (ahem) Few Years

Yay! Today is my birthday, quite a big one too! Yep, thirty years old and I’m ver… sorry, what? Oh, okay, it’s bigger than that. Like most members of the big 4-0 club, I’m still in denial and the written number looks a lot bigger than the one rattling about my addled head.  That’s probably a good thing, as there’s a fairly slim chance I’ll start acting my age pretty soon (unless you count gardening, which of course, I don’t).

What with all the birthday shenanigans, the only-as-old-as-the-woman-you-feel –type clichés; the ‘I need to go home for a nap’ jokes (actually, not a joke) and losing my train of thought at precisely the wrong… where was I going with this… anyway, it’s natural to reflect on some of the top stuff we’ve done over the years.

In the past I’ve been involved in some great projects – Tomorrow’s World, National Superdome, Paul Eyre… but if I told you too much about them, I’d probably end up getting sued. Again. So here’s Birthday Beno’s guide to the Top 5 Most Satisfying Jobs by Doncaster’s finest marketing agency*.

Before we start, there’s no room for presentations, posters, mailers, exhibitions and loads of other stuff that didn’t make this list, but you can still see a shot of some of them here. Okay, here we go…

  •  Number 5: Our work for NAMTEC was simultaneously incredibly satisfying and very frustrating. Some nice design work by Pato, a bit of strategy from Beno and a lot of hard database work by our mate at Waspmedia meant this was the best confused job we ever did.
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We are (lovin’) Rushlift…

Getting a lot of love for our latest Rushlift work. The guys at Rushlift may like to fly under the radar from time to time, but we think they’ve got plenty to shout about, especially the swanky new brochure!

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Willkommen! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!…Swisslog!

Team Beno would like to officially welcome on board our latest PR client Swisslog UK!

With their global head office based in Buchs, Switzerland – Swisslog are a worldwide provider of logistics solutions for warehouses, distribution centres and hospitals that pride themselves on their fantastic customer support, entrepreneurial spirit and their outstanding products….just the kind of client we love!

Our aim now is to provide them with some top-notch PR stories in these next few months to really help them smash their marketing objectives for 2012.

Welcome to the family Swisslog! You’re gonna love us…

Keep a look out for all latest Swisslog news stories here!

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Sweet Treat at Tickhill Christmas Market!

Congratulations to our friends at The Little Sweet Shop in Tickhill. They’ve got off to a flying start, with the small help of a few designery bits from us!

The opening night was a huge success for the little shop, with the Mayor of Tickhill officially cutting the bright pink ribbon! When we arrived we couldn’t see for the amount of people queuing out of doors, both young uns and oldies.

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Two shows. One no-show.

Logistics Link North, DoncasterYou might wonder what possesses the organisers of two logistics exhibitions to hold shows in Doncaster on the same day, we certainly have.

Today is the second of two days for the Logistics Link North show (“an unmissable opportunity to test and compare“), held in a cavernous empty warehouse and the first of the two day Totally Logistics North show (“Redefining the Logistics exhibition experience“) at the home of our favourite jolly, Doncaster Racecourse. With our forklift-clients hat on, we’ve popped in to see what all the fuss is about and have to agree with our mate Mr MacLeod that they’ve put Doncaster on the map ‘for the wrong reasons’.

Still, the Racecouse show looks busy enough and the Link guys will probably find adequate reasons to do it all again. Judging by the quizzical looks on their faces, I’m not sure our clients will want to take part, at least until the organisers sort the timing out.

Our problem with these shows is that they tend to be done for the benefit of the organisers, not the visitors. That’s not to say they don’t try hard to advertise the events, but surely it would have been better as one good show, than two okay ones? That said, it does give us an opportunity to say hello to some of our friends and for them to go out in Donny, have a beer and be hung over on one of the nicest days of the year.

Sorry I missed that one. If it wasn’t for these damn clients keeping us busy…

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Celebrating 10 great years

Our celebrations got well under way on Saturday at Doncaster Racecourse, where we were joined by some of our clients and friends to enjoy a day of racing and a performance from McFly!

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Shootout at the TB Corral

Our TB Marketing movie competition is already in full flow! Pato and Aislin thought they’d get in on the act by shooting each other…
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Ten Cool Doncaster Marketing Examples (and a couple of very bad ones)

Most of our work is focused on other parts of the world… Northampton, Hinckley, Gamston, Hull, er, Seoul… We don’t do as much as we’d like to locally (pay attention Doncaster business owners!) but maybe that will change soon.

We are, however, always looking around for examples of cool marketing ideas, and sometimes they’re close to home. We had a vote on our favourites from Doncaster (in the interests of fairness, none of them are ours!) here’s what we came up with…

Doncaster Marketing examples

10th: Jimmy’s Open All Hours sign
Pros: Look! That really is where they filmed Open All Hours!
Cons: Is that the best they could come up with?

Bigger Con: The actual shop is somewhere else (actually here)! And it’s a bloomin hairdressers! Bloody marketing!