Doosan TB Marketing

TB Marketing: Supplier of the Year!

Those lovely people at Doosan made us their Supplier of the Year!

Founded over 110 years ago, Doosan is one of the largest organisations in Korea and employs over 38,000 people in 33 different countries. Owner of the ‘Bobcat’ brand and a Fortune 500 company with an annual turnover in excess of $20billion, Doosan has looked to the UK for guidance and inspiration with marketing their forklift range where our combination of experience and creativity is well suited to their forklift business.

The ever-lovely Paul Watson said our contribution could not be underestimated and the award is well deserved.

Said Paul: “Our award recognises the fantastic contribution and commitment TB Marketing has made to improving Doosan’s market presence. Tony and the team have become part of our extended family and the work we produce together is envied by our competitors and by other Doosan businesses overseas. Little wonder they are in demand from our sister companies!”

Did we say how lovely they were?

TB Marketing

World Vs iPad: En France

1. Stick Golf HD helps to pass the time in departures, 1-nil to the iPad.

2. Taxi driver prefers map printout to iPad maps, 1 to the real world

3. Try to check dodgy French language skills with free translator – needs wifi or 3G connection! 2-1 Le Monde.

4. Spot Stade De France and discuss lousy state of French and English football with taxi driver, 1 to Beno… but only in English, so better make that 1 to taxi driver.

5. Taxi fare flies past 50 Euros, driver loses his point.

6. Driver has his own iPad-a-like sat nav, but it doesn’t seem to be very good, much like his driving. ‘We need help’ he says. We get it in the shape of a massive roadsign. 3-1 World.

7. Made it, 81 Euros lighter. Ipad charger works with dodgy French electric and dubious adapter. 1 back for Apple.

8. Free wifi in the hotel, makes iPad ‘useful’. 3-3.

9. Safari crashes. 4-3

10. No iron in room. 4-4

11. No golf on TV, bbc site shows its a procession. 5-4 iPad.

12. World deserves several points for barmaid alone. Outside in the sun with a cold beer and me Korean maaaaaates. This could be a walkover for the real world.

13. Dinner, beers, late night. Day one to real world.

TB Marketing

World Vs iPad: Day Two

Here we go again…

1. Forgot to add an hour on to the phone’s alarm clock – minus 1 for world.

2. UK lads get the Stick Golf bug. It’s the only way to pass the time in what has become a near 10hr meeting – score for the iPad

3. Top Korean dude has his own iPad. That’s got to be worth a point.

4. White board gets a bit of scribble but then just sits there whilst we stare at it. Boo for the World.

5. Lunch is some bizarre french affair. Merde!

6. Using the iPad for notes during the presentation looks ok, but isn’t that easy.

7. Top man is reading his iPad during my bit, at least when he’s in the room.

8. The Germans want the iPad, they can’t have it.

9. Top man sums up, but obviously wants to read his e-newspaper.

10. Dinner, outside, looks palatable. Wasps and flies think so too. World going down in flames.

11. Almost top man moves me to top table. Not sure about this… Top man moves me back off. The swine!

It’s a hands down win for iPad.