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Waste Not, Want Not


Construction materials experts, Johnsons Aggregates & Recycling Ltd, invested in new equipment after opening a state-of-the-art plant in Ilkeston to manage increased volume of incinerator bottom ash recycling.

The new multi-million-pound recycling plant opened in February 2017, after the Derbyshire business secured a funding package from the Business Growth Fund and NatWest to support construction of the site, where up to 450,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash materials will be recycled each year.

Operations manager, Kevin Marshall explains: “We were originally set up as a provider of quarried and recycled aggregates for construction and engineering projects. Now, we also handle large muck shifts and supply sand, soils, gravels, salt and specialist ash.”

The ash is produced in incineration facilities, and typically contains small amounts of metals. Crucially, it can be recycled to regulate the material and remove contaminants allowing its use as a recycled aggregate for building projects, cement blocks and concrete. IBA aggregate, as it is known, has many usages, but without facilities similar to those at Johnsons, it can often end up in landfill if there is no local demand for it.

In order to move the material around Johnsons’ heavy industrial environment, sturdy machinery was required, and the local branch of Windsor Materials Handling stepped in to help the growing business. A new customer for Windsor, the aggregates supplier took on two forklifts ideal for the tough application – diesel-powered Doosan trucks with 3 and 3.3 tonne capacity.

The two forklifts, although on the same chassis, differ in their usages at the aggregate supplier’s plant. One of the machines includes a rotator, added by Windsor as an extra requirement of the business, and allows stillages of aggregate to be tipped safely into a hopper within operation.

“The environment we work in is very noisy and dusty, and we knew we would need robust machines to tackle the daily challenge,” continues Kevin. “Windsor pulled out all the stops to ensure the trucks were ideal for the job and the addition of stronger seals and heavy duty air filtration on both machines means dust doesn’t compromise their reliability.”

Established in 1999 by Steve Johnson, Johnsons Aggregates’ operation runs 52 weeks a year, which means extra planning and vigilance around holiday periods is important.  “Windsor’s service has been second to none. They were able to accommodate our requirements for the rotator as well as the stronger seals and air filtration, and still managed to deliver on time. We have had zero problems with the trucks since we took them on,” added Kevin.

In addition to the two Doosan trucks, Johnsons Aggregates took on a Windsor service contract and have also been quoted for machinery from Windsor’s access range. As one of the leading independent materials handling suppliers in the UK, Windsor was founded on service in 1977, and has now been providing access lifts as part of their offer for 10 years.

Director for Windsor’s Nottingham office, Andy Lane, was proud to hear Johnsons Aggregates were happy with the trucks. “I’m pleased that the trucks are proving to be an asset to Kevin’s team,” he said.

Concludes Andy: “Windsor is built on the philosophy of a local service offered nationwide, and this demonstrates the advantage of this. We can support local businesses and help them grow, while also having the knowledge and expertise of a national business.”

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Suppliers Sustainability Award for Windsor

Sofidel awards Windsor Materials Handling with Best Improver Award

Italian paper tissue products manufacturer, Sofidel, has recognised Windsor Materials Handling with a Suppliers Sustainability Award for 2017.

Sofidel, the name behind brands such as Thirst Pockets, Kittensoft and Nouvelle, awarded Windsor as one of only nine winning suppliers from almost 400 businesses working with them across Europe and North America. The second annual awards were held at Canary Wharf’s East Wintergarden.

Windsor was presented with the Best Improver Award for the making the greatest improvement by undertaking new social sustainability procedures. These changes resulted in a 25% increase to their results in the awards.

Windsor sales director, Andrew Lane, says the recognition follows a considerable amount of work to improve efficiency and reduce waste. Said Andrew: “We’ve worked with Sofidel for a number of years and always aim to provide the best value and performance. This award recognises the recent developments we have made in procedures for anti-corruption, child labour, human rights, workers’ rights and anti-slavery.”

One of the leading independent materials handling suppliers in the UK, Windsor was founded on service in 1977. Since then the Windsor name has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems, providing a first-class range of forklift truck and access platform hire, sales and maintenance services.

Andrew continues: “Our business is partnership driven. We take pride in working hard to develop long lasting relationships that make the difference to our valued partners. The Best Improver Award shows that this hard work resonates throughout our customer-base too.”

There are three awards granted by the “Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award”: Best Supplier, Best Improver and Best Sustainable Project.

An annual event, the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Awards aim to incentivise, disseminate and promote best practice and improvements in social and environmental responsibility amongst Sofidel suppliers in Italy and abroad. It is based on the “TenP – Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform”, conceived and promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI Foundation), of which the Group is a founder promoter.

“Promoting sustainable and responsible growth also means, within our vision, raising awareness and promoting involvement of our partners so we can do more and do it better,” stated Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group. “We’re convinced that building a sustainable future involves a widespread, common commitment, and a need to assume, each within their area and according to their role, new and broader responsibilities.”

The awards are supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea and held in collaboration with a number of global partners and Tissue World Magazine.

The Sofidel paper group was the first Italian company and the first in the global tissue industry to join the international project whereby the WWF proposes large companies to voluntarily adopt schemes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through innovative strategies and technologies that allow them to take on the role of leaders in reducing CO2 emissions in their industry.

Windsor works to keep the nation’s forklift fleets up to date with modern technologies, reducing the impact of greenhouse gases emitted by more aged machinery.

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Windsor Helps FareShare Fight Food Waste

Nationwide forklift provider, Windsor Materials Handling, is doing their bit towards food waste and poverty in the North West by providing a forklift truck to charity of the year, FareShare.

The award-winning charity helps redistribute food destined for waste. The surplus comes in all shapes and sizes, and often goes to waste for seasonality or cosmetic reasons. Local charities and community groups transform the donations into meals for vulnerable people.

FareShare Merseyside Development Manager, Mark Hall, explains: “The food redistributed is fresh, quality and in-date, but for one reason or another is destined to go to waste. We work with 173 charities on a weekly basis to put it to great use. That said, the organisations we supply food to are places that provide life changing support, as well as lunch and dinner.”

Last year FareShare managed 13,552 tonnes of food in the UK. Collecting deliveries as well as receiving them, space at their centres can get tight, and to help with the logistics, they depend on donations and equipment from local businesses.

After a donation for capital equipment, Windsor stepped in to provide a forklift truck and battery charger at an exceptionally discounted price. The decision to support the organisation was led by Windsor’s St Helens MHE Consultant, Pete Dennett. Said Pete: “We pride ourselves on being local. We have a lot of requests for this type of kit, so it’s often in demand. We both live and work in the North West, so it’s great to be able to give something back.”

FareShare was established in 1994, when homeless charity Crisis co-founded it with Sainsbury’s. Since then, the charity has been working to fight hunger and tackling food waste across the UK, and won Charity of the Year in the 2017 Third Sector Awards.

“We have many great supporters,” adds Mark. “From major supermarkets and manufacturers, such as Unilever and General Mills, to our local MP Frank Field and our many volunteers. We’ve been here 18 months and, nationally, we have a target of one hundred thousand tonnes a year. Food surplus is high on the agenda and we are helping reduce waste that would otherwise go to landfill.”

According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, over 8 million people in the UK, the equivalent of the entire population of London, are struggling to afford to eat.

Windsor operates from 12 local branches across the UK, offering materials handling and access equipment, for sale, hire and maintenance. Established in 1976, the business is now the UK’s leading independent supplier of Komatsu and Doosan forklifts. Windsor also specialises in UniCarriers warehousing, floor cleaning and JLG access machines, and a full range of bespoke lifting equipment from Baumann sideloaders to narrow aisle trucks and Combilifts.

Concludes Pete Dennett: “We were founded on our service capabilities in the 1970s. Since then the Windsor name has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems, providing a first class range of forklift truck and access platform hire, sales and maintenance services. Throughout the years, our business has evolved to support the needs of modern logistics operations. We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and well experienced staff in both technical support and sales, but our commitment to being local has stood the test of time.”

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Keep on trucking

Windsor Materials Handling – employee case study

For service engineer Brian Lockwood at Windsor Wakefield, maintaining working vehicles isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life.

Repairing forklifts by day, you would think that Windsor service engineers would spend their free time with their feet up – but not Brian. As the proud owner of a 1951 Bedford O Type 5 tonne lorry, Brian spends more time repairing than the average vehicle mechanic.

“The truck is 66 years old, so naturally it breaks down a lot and I do all the repairs myself,” said Brian. “I spend more time under the hood than I do driving it!”

Having bought the truck almost two years ago, Brian managed to get in contact with the family that originally owned the truck, who shared with him a photo taken of the truck with its first driver, Albert Jackson.

“For me, it’s not just about driving and maintaining it, it’s about the history behind it,” explains Brian. “Its first owner was a Boston timber supplier called J. S. Towell, who had the truck from 1951 to 1967, when it was sold to Geo Barnstone in Donington, Lincolnshire.”

In 1990, the truck was sold onto Drummond Mill in Bradford where it stayed unused for two years before being sold to Ken Longthorn in North Yorkshire. Longthorn took the vehicle to rallies on the back of a larger truck and was subsequently never driven.

“I got my hands on it in 2016, and got it back up and running,” Brian continued. “In 1951, the maximum speed was

30mph, and today it reaches 40mph. It didn’t have brake lights or indicators when I bought it, so after realising very few people understand hand signals, I fitted them for road safety!”

Taking the truck to most rallies in Yorkshire, Brian owns up to being an occasional cause of traffic delays on the county’s A roads. “The furthest we’ve taken it is Peterborough. We broke down six times and it took five and a half hours, so we stick to Yorkshire mostly. But we are booked in for the Great Dorset Steam Fair next year – so I better roll my sleeves up!”

This year, Brian took the truck on the Trans Pennine Run – the north equivalent of the London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Run, taking place from Manchester to Harrogate. It went on to win second place in the working vehicle category at Harewood House Steam Rally.

“The last outing for 2017 is Whitwood Truck Stop in Wakefield, then I’m taking it off the road to do restoration on the back axle and inside cab this winter,” Brian said. “The truck tows a caravan to most steam rallies, so it needs to be in the best condition possible before we get it on the road again next year!”

Brian’s dedication to his truck is a great example of why businesses continue to choose Windsor service contracts.

“I’ve been a mechanic all my life, but I still find that my hobby helps me in my job and vice versa,” he says. “It’s about being committed to the job at hand, and seeing it all the way through to the end.”

At Windsor, we pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and well experienced staff in both technical support and sales. Our engineers are manufacturer trained and have developed a deep understanding of all manner of lifting and materials handling equipment. …and in Brian’s case – historic commercial vehicles too.

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Family owned logistics provider invests in premium Windsor forklifts

A family owned third party logistics provider has taken delivery of a fleet of forklift trucks from Windsor Materials Handling’s premium range.

Established by George Kime in the 1930s, George H Kime & Co. Limited has experienced over 80 years of operational success. Initially set up as a provider of transport services for local food businesses in Boston, Lincolnshire, the company has grown to serve not only the fresh food industry, but a wide spectrum of customers internationally.

Over the years, Kimes have served all sorts of customers – from sole traders to blue chip companies – and many of these have continued to use the firm’s services for decades. With branches in Wrangle nr. Boston and Lincoln, the firm’s continued success saw the opening of a third warehouse in November 2015, based in Sleaford. Kimes hit a milestone eight months ago when they bought the facility after renting it for most of their first year of operation.

The icing on the cake for the business expansion was a brand-new fleet of forklift trucks for the Sleaford depot, which Windsor Materials Handling’s David Fletcher helped specify. A pair of two-tonne capacity Still trucks were supplied, and just a week after delivery, drivers at Kimes were already endorsing the forklifts.

One operator, Gary Rose, is typically impressed. “The new forklifts feel stable, and the various different settings make the job so much easier. The manoeuvrability of the machines is incredible, and the automatic braking on ramps gives you extra confidence.”

Still’s RX 70 series has a particularly stable driving behaviour due to the truck’s low centre of gravity. George H Kime will also benefit from low operating costs through the trucks’ hybrid diesel-electric drive with a powerful industrial motor. This also allows the forklifts to deliver a high volume at a low V-engine speed due to the electrically activated hydraulic pump.

Gary continued: “I’m thankful for the glass cab too – trucks I’ve used in the past have been open to the elements. It not only protects you from the weather but from dust and debris left behind in trailers too!”

Still has been delivering its products and services for over 90 years now, and have an outstanding reputation for the dependability of their trucks. Starting out by repairing motors in the 1920s, the company has used its expertise to develop into one of the leading full service providers for intralogistics. Windsor formed a partnership with Still due to their mutual belief that personal relationships are the basis of a long business relationship.

For George H Kime’s Sleaford warehouse manager, Tony Clifton, this is just one of the reasons for choosing to work with Windsor. “I have worked on this site for 22 years – before Kimes the warehouse belonged to Staples Disposables, and I worked with Windsor for many years in that capacity too,” said Tony. “This is the first time we have had brand new trucks though, and I can’t fault Windsor at all for their service and response times. With the local Windsor branch only five miles down the road, a helping hand is never far away. Their engineers are experienced and do their jobs quickly too.”

As one of the leading independent materials handling suppliers in the UK, Windsor Materials Handling was founded on service in 1977. Since then, the Windsor name has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems, providing a first-class range of forklift truck and access platform hire, sales and maintenance services.

Branch Manager for Windsor’s Sleaford office, David Fletcher, echoes this: “Our business is partnership driven. This means providing the best possible deal and backing that up with great support,” he said. “I have known Tony for lots of years – I met him when I was working for the local pest control company. He was surprised when one week I was fitting pest control and the next week I was pestering him about forklifts! For me, this is what Windsor is all about – providing the best quality local service on a national level.”

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First class delivery for TPC

A Derbyshire logistics facility has boosted productivity within its 24-hour domestic and international delivery operation, after signing a long-term agreement with the local branch of an independent materials handling firm.

Providing operational excellence for delivery services Citipost Mail and 13ten, The Processing Centre (TPC) handles the sortation, routing and distribution of over 20 million items per year, for delivery to customers in the UK as well as overseas.

Bustling with activity throughout its entire 24-hour operation, the Derbyshire-based facility relies on high quality materials handling equipment to keep up with the fast pace, ensuring deliveries of mail, catalogues, coupons, packets, and parcels are fulfilled accurately and punctually.

To assist with their forklift needs, TPC called on the local branch of Windsor Materials Handling. Just 15 months after the first delivery, the centre has now added four more brand new LPG Komatsu forklift trucks to their existing fleet, and signed a long-term agreement with Windsor.

Equipped with extra features such as weather protection and tyre-saving direction select inhibitors, the trucks have been well-received, and TPC Facilities Manager Ken Garford was particularly impressed. “Running a 24-hour operation, forklift activity is at its highest between midnight and early morning when shipments come in, so we needed robust trucks and a solid service to match,” he said. “By renewing with Windsor, we get the best of both worlds – good quality trucks, supported by a top-notch team.”

One of the leading independent materials handling suppliers in the UK, Windsor was founded on service in 1977. Since then the Windsor name has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems, and throughout its 40 years of operation, the business has built a strong reputation in personal customer support.

Ken agrees: “We shopped around several places before deciding to renew with Windsor. A supplier that can deliver a great value high-quality product as well as brilliant service is hard to come by, but Windsor came out on top in both aspects – exactly what our busy warehouse needed.”

For TPC, the busiest period takes place during October, November and early December, as much of their stock needs to be ready to be shipped to European countries in advance, in order to reach customers in time for Christmas.

The year 2017 has seen TPC invest significantly in improving their warehouse processes, and an automated security solution was recently installed at the South Normanton facility. The business is now actively looking for new partners for sorting and processing opportunities.

Bob Powner, managing director at The Processing Centre, said: “It is important for us to ensure our customers receive the best possible levels of service at the most competitive rates. We are therefore very pleased to sign a long-term agreement to continue our partnership with Windsor Materials Handling, who have delivered on their promise of providing high quality forklift trucks at reasonable prices. This commitment is just part of a wider transition within The Processing Centre business.”

Throughout the years, the Windsor business has evolved to support the growing needs of modern logistics operations. Priding themselves on having the most highly skilled and well experienced staff in both technical support and sales, Windsor engineers are manufacturer trained and have developed a deep understanding of all manner of lifting and materials handling equipment.

Andy Lane, Windsor’s Nottingham Branch Manager, agrees the partnership with TPC reflects Windsor’s passion in enabling their customers to succeed. “At Windsor, we maintain a philosophy of continual investment to ensure our strong reputation for personal customer support is maintained. Our business is partnership driven and we work hard to develop long lasting relationships that make the difference to our valued partners,” he said. “I’m delighted we are putting this method into practice with our work at TPC, and I’m looking forward to a long and successful business relationship.”

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Komatsu BX Series Honoured

After almost nine years since the original model was launched on the market, a Komatsu forklift is still being recognised by leading industry awards in the heavy equipment sector.

Since its launch, the IC engine-powered BX50 Series forklift has seen frequent updates, and is a particular favourite of Windsor Materials Handling customers due to their robust performance and great features. Now, the series has been awarded with the honour of Highest Retained Value from EquipmentWatch – a leading database for the US heavy equipment industry.

EquipmentWatch benchmarks the long-term performance of machines across a host of categories, looking for those that retained the highest residual value over the past five years of data.

Over 12,500 models from a valuation database were considered by analysts, which were then narrowed down to 156 series from 36 brands. The Komatsu beat five other finalists, including Doosan’s Pro5 Series.

Windsor customers have been choosing forklifts from the award-winning BX series for many years, with several unique industry leading features as the main selling point.

The dual floating structure greatly reduces vibration, protecting both the operator and critical components of the truck. An EZ-Lift tandem pump hydraulic system enables increased efficiency and improved truck control in tight spaces.

A directional flow counterweight also allows hot air and engine exhaust fumes to be pushed down and away from the operator’s compartment – especially important while driving in reverse.

The BX50 joins two other Komatsu machines, the GD655 Motor Grader and the WA320 Wheel Loader, as award winners in their respective categories.

“The award is indicative of excellence across a manufacturing organization,” said Garrett Schemmel, Vice President of EquipmentWatch. “Product quality has the most obvious impact on an asset’s per-formance on the secondary market, but residual values are also highly impacted by brand affinity and fair original pricing. A manufacturer must excel on all three fronts to be the winner.”

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Plastic Fantastic

Luxus continues growth with Windsor

One of the UK’s most advanced technical plastics compounding and recycling companies has renewed their existing fleet of forklift trucks in a bid to boost productivity and reduce fuel emissions at their Lincolnshire facility.

Luxus Ltd was founded in 1965 to provide the then emerging plastics industry with solutions for plastics waste. The firm’s first laboratory opened in 1982, and has rapidly grown into a business that takes pride in reusing plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

A state-of-the-art Technical Centre replaced the laboratory in 2014, and today, the centre enables the re-engineering of plastic waste materials into high performance plastic compounds. The business now supplies over 45,000 tonnes of the quality assured compounds each year for a diverse range of industry applications, including those in engineering, automotive and packaging sectors.

The technical plastics compounder was the first, and still is the only, UK business to achieve approval for its recycled grades in car interior trims. The busy Louth site also now includes temporary storage to accommodate the finished goods. “We recycle a huge range of plastics in our advanced on-site facilities,” says Peter Laking, Luxus’ Maintenance and Project Engineering Manager. “It helps our customers to proactively manage scrap plastic, reduce costs and minimise their own environmental impact.”

In order to reflect their environmentally friendly culture, Peter was keen to ensure the exhaust emissions from their materials handling equipment were kept to an absolute minimum – and Windsor Materials Handling helped them make an informed decision through a unique test.

Branch Manager for Windsor’s Sleaford office, David Fletcher, explains: “Luxus wanted to ensure they selected the forklift with the lowest emissions, so we suggested they do a simple test with a clean sheet of paper on the exhaust pipe of each machine.”

The new Doosan D25S-7 Series came out on top, with its piece of paper finishing the test as clean as ever, while its rival trucks left soot behind on the sheet. The truck’s diesel engine is built with Ultra Low PM Combustion technologies to meet Euro Stage IIIB emission regulations, providing a sturdy performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

With two engine settings – STD mode and ECO mode – Luxus operators can choose the setting to suit different applications. Standard Mode delivers the highest level of performance, while the ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by an extra 5%.

“We are genuinely very pleased with the performance of the new kit and the support from Windsor. We may be a large business and significant employer in the town, but we still rely on suppliers to give us great support and understand our needs. It’s been quite a few years now and the relationship is still going strong!”

A national company, Windsor’s Sleaford branch covers industrial centres across the region, from Boston to Grantham, Skegness to Newark, in addition to Louth and the surrounding area.  “We’ve been serving the area for quite a few years,” adds David Fletcher, “and throughout that time we’ve been able to see customers like Luxus grow and flourish. Obviously, requirements can change over time, and we like to think of ourselves as responsive and flexible, so being able to refresh the fleet once more and for it to be very well received is of course tremendously satisfying.”

Windsor has been an authorised distributor for Doosan since 2009, offering a brand that meets the operational and environmental needs of businesses across the UK.  In addition to supplying a wide range of materials handling equipment, Windsor also specialises in access platforms and has developed throughout its 40 years of operation to offer a single supplier solution.

“Our business is partnership driven,” says Windsor Managing Director, Stephen Burton. “We know that means providing the best possible deal and backing that up with great support. We are able to offer flexibility where other companies cannot and we hold dearly the ability to listen to our customers.”

Over fifty years since being founded, the Luxus head office and production facilities in Louth is home to over 150 dedicated individuals and the company is recognised as one of Europe’s foremost polymer recyclers and plastic compounds specialists. Luxus is also committed to innovation and continually invests in the latest recycling and manufacturing technologies.

David Fletcher concludes: “The ongoing relationship with Luxus is testament to our business being driven by partnerships, and our commitment to providing the best possible deal while backing it up with great support. As one of the leading independent materials handling suppliers in the UK, we are able to offer flexibility where other companies cannot, and we hold dearly the ability to listen to our customers before providing an unbiased consultative approach.”

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Happy Campers: Windsor helps Magnum trade in ladders for lift

A supplier of caravan and motorhome parts based in Grimsby has reached new heights with a helping hand from the Immingham branch of Windsor Materials Handling.

Established in Grimsby in 1992, Magnum Motorhomes & Caravan Supplies is a family run business specialising in building materials and accessories for caravans and motorhomes. Operating from a facility working as both a warehouse and a customer-facing retail environment, the business needed a new way to retrieve stock from the high racking.

Previously using ladders to access the out of reach and bulky items, Magnum managing director, Ken Carter approached Windsor Materials Handling for advice on the best form of equipment to serve the busy wholesaler-style shop.

“With up to ten customers browsing the aisles at once, Magnum needed a compact solution to ensure optimum safety and space to walk around,” said Windsor sales manager Steve Austin. “After taking multiple factors into consideration, I recommended a JLG Toucan Duo vertical mast lift.”

The compact dimensions and low stowed height of the Toucan Duo allow access to confined space areas, while the six-metre working height, 130kg platform capacity and great turning circle make it ideal for the application at Magnum Motorhomes.

“When Steve first recommended the Toucan Duo, we were sceptical because it was only available brand new, but when we trialled the piece of equipment we knew it would have to stay,” said Magnum managing director, Ken Carter. “We reallocated a few of our stock locations to ensure it had a clear path to all the high racking. The machine has revolutionised our day-to-day operation, it’s extremely rare we ever get the ladders out now!”

Magnum was founded when Ken Carter, after years of building caravans for Abbey Caravans, decided to begin building his own motorhomes and selling surplus caravan parts. Since then, the business has manufactured all types of conversions, from coach-built to panel vans, race units and even a 52-seater coach. More recently, Magnum has become well-known for being one of the UK’s largest stockists of building materials and accessories for caravans and motorhomes.

Windsor’s Immingham branch is based just a 15-minute drive from Magnum’s store, meaning the business also receives a fast response when advice or an engineer is needed – especially beneficial during busy times.

“We supply to trade, public and DIY enthusiasts,” continued Ken Carter. “While we do get especially busy during spring when we start to experience more sunny days, we are also busy throughout winter with customers aiming to get their motorhome ready for the warmer months.”

Ken believes introducing the JLG Toucan Duo to his shop has sped up the order fulfilment process, as workers can retrieve items at any level with simplicity. Magnum employee Tom was especially pleased with the new equipment. “It does exactly what it says on the tin, I don’t know how we managed without it! It’s firm, stable and you feel safe on it. It is a magic bit of kit and I’m really surprised at how well it works in small spaces.”

Now in its 10th year of providing access equipment as part of its first-class portfolio of services, Windsor is a unique player in the materials handling and access industry, having remained independent throughout its 40 years of operation. Ken Carter concludes: “I can’t fault Windsor at all, they have provided a great service. The engineers are flexible and Steve is always on hand whenever we need advice.”


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Windsor Access Trucks Brought Aboard at Coldstar

Opening in July 2012, Coldstar Refrigeration has made a splash in its first five years of business.

The firm offers a range of services covering the installation of refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical systems from its workshop in Enterprise Village, Grimsby. With contracts stretching from Rye on the south coast to Fraserburgh in Scotland, Coldstar can only use the best access equipment for the job.

Luckily, when Coldstar electrical manager and RNLI Cleethorpes Helmsman, Darren Weatherill, needed some access equipment, he knew exactly where to turn.

Sales manager by day and volunteer lifesaver by night, Windsor Materials Handling’s Steve Austin devotes his free time to volunteering at one of the busiest lifeboat stations on the east coast of England. Carrying a pager, Steve and Darren arrive at the station within four minutes and aim to be launched and heading to the scene within ten minutes of being alerted to an incident, at any time of day.

“We are sometimes called out at 4am,” explained Steve, who had his eye on a kayaker on the Cleethorpes horizon while he spoke. “A lot of the jobs we get are due to people not realising the importance of having the proper equipment.”

Similarly, Steve’s day job involves ensuring businesses have the proper materials handling and access equipment to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. For Coldstar, the challenge was finding the right machines to help during the installation and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical systems on customer sites.

Windsor delivered two JLG scissorlifts, reaching 19 feet in height. Darren was pleased with the access machinery. “The two machines are perfect for the job,” he said. “I knew I could count on Steve. At the end of the day, if I can trust him in life-threatening situations, I can trust him to supply us with the best equipment for the job.”

Now in its 10th year of providing access equipment as part of its first-class portfolio of services, Windsor has developed into one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of independent forklift and materials handling equipment in the UK since its origination in 1977.

Steve, who is based at the Immingham branch of Windsor, said: “At RNLI Cleethorpes, the crew is like an extension to your family. It goes without saying that the number one priority for us is saving lives at sea, but it is great to get to work with crew members in other capacities too. It builds trust, which is necessary not only at sea, but throughout working relationships too.”

As the charity that saves lives at sea, volunteers at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution provide a 24-hour search and rescue service in the United Kingdom and Ireland from 237 lifeboat stations. Relying on public donations and legacies to maintain its rescue service, it is separate from, but works alongside, government-controlled and funded coastguard services. Since its inception in 1824, at least 140,000 lives have been saved by the volunteers making up 95% of the charity.

Cleethorpes Lifeboat launched 45 times during 2016 and rescued 32 people.

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Heavy Metal: UK’s Largest Scaffolder Builds With Windsor

With a company timeline stretching back to 1978, Generation UK has seen substantial growth and now operates as the largest scaffolding supplier in the UK. With over 75,000 tonnes of scaffolding, they have the UK’s largest inventory of scaffolding for hire and sale.  Every day Generation faces a logistical challenge to supply their 7,000 customers with the scaffolding and non-mechanical plant equipment that they require.

Generations’ customers represent a full mix of the construction industry; including civil engineers, house builders, energy, utilities and scaffolding sub-contractors.  Whilst their customers are varied, what unites them is their need for quality scaffolding delivered when and where they need it. In order to match their customer’s expectations, they handle tonnes of scaffolding, access, fencing and hoardings every day across the UK.  To achieve this, Generation needed a reliable fleet of forklifts to serve their nationwide network of branches, and the experts at Windsor Materials Handling lent a hand.

Boasting a 15-year relationship with Generation, Trevor De’Ath of Windsor stepped in to provide approximately 50 forklift trucks for the company – a mix of Doosan, Clarke and Komatsu models. Trevor, who has a strong working relationship with the commercial manager at Generation, Chris Baker, said the trucks had been well received by staff at the firm.

Trevor said: “Although the lengthy working relationship did provide an opportunity to work with Generation, it also meant that there were free and frank discussions when it came to feedback. The trucks themselves have had a good response, but the backup service has had particularly positive comments.”

Windsor is one of the few independent MHE providers in the UK with nationwide coverage and over 100 fully trained and highly skilled engineers. Thanks to a local one-stop approach for finance, hire, sales and maintenance, Windsor is able to add value via a quick, reliable and personal service. As part of the agreement with Generation, Trevor occasionally provides hourly and weekly key performance indicators to check efficiency is at its optimum for the fast-growing business.

Chris Baker explains how busy peaks are unpredictable for the business. “There is constant volume. It is at its busiest first thing in the morning and sometimes vehicles are queuing to access our depots. We use barriers during peak times to ensure traffic on the site does not compromise the operation.

“I joined Generation in 2003 when it was a £26 million company,” said Chris. “Since then we have experienced considerable growth and today turnover is at £80 million.”

Throughout the years, the Windsor business has evolved to support customers from a variety of backgrounds. Generation UK supplies scaffolding to a wide range of industries including one off projects.  Chris explains: “Generation secured a contract to supply 5,500 tonnes of scaffolding equipment to Britain’s new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. This was our biggest single contract to date. Over 4,000 deliveries were made and from end to end, and the scaffolding we supplied reached 2,718 miles – the equivalent to travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats three times!”

Generation holds the highest volume of product and has the biggest turnover in the scaffolding industry. Chris concluded: “This kind of success can only be supported by the quality machinery and outstanding service we have had from Trevor and Windsor Materials Handling.”

With 40 years’ experience in materials handling and access systems, Windsor can offer its customers freedom of choice for every application – an important factor for the largest UK supplier of scaffolding products. Windsor operates from twelve branches across the UK, offering materials handling and access equipment, for sale, hire and maintenance. Established in 1977, the business is now the UK’s leading independent supplier of Komatsu, Kalmar and Doosan forklifts, Baumann sideloaders, Atlet warehousing and JLG access equipment.

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Windsor helps InBond make short work of high racking

As a market leader in premium logistics services, InBond has a reputation for providing high quality warehousing and document management services to some of the biggest names in the UK.

Serving the likes of Tetley’s, NHS, Next, KP Snacks and Fujifilm, the company has a high level of customer service and efficiency to maintain.

So, when InBond were in the market for a new fleet of forklifts and access machinery, Windsor Materials Handling began a quest to find the best equipment to serve the narrow aisles and high racking at their Stockton-on-Tees facility.

Kevin Hazeldine, operation and facilities manager at InBond, said he had a clear idea in mind of what they needed, and Windsor was able to deliver.

“In the past, we have had suppliers that promised the world when selling the services, but fell short when it came to delivery,” Kevin explains. “With a warehouse as versatile as ours, we needed the equipment to match, and Kraig at Windsor pulled out all the stops to provide us with exactly what we needed.”

Over the past 40 years, Windsor Materials Handling has grown from representing and being the exclusive supplier of the Komatsu forklift truck product range into an independent materials handling company that is able to provide an unbiased consultative approach for any application.

The racking at InBond’s facility towers at 12.2 metres high in some places, while in other areas it stands at 8.6 metres. Coupled with extremely narrow aisles, it took vigorous planning to source machinery fit for purpose. After careful consideration, Windsor supplied the firm with a mix of access equipment, including scissor lifts from JLG, QuickStock lifts from Genie, and forklifts from Flexi and Komatsu.

Kevin adds: “Stock comes in and out all of the time, and at times it is very unpredictable. If one of our trucks is down for longer than a day we need a replacement quickly. Compared to the engineers we have worked with previously, Windsor has a super-fast service when it comes to repairs and maintenance. We were also pleasantly surprised by the speedy equipment turnaround.”

InBond purchased four forklifts – two Komatsu and two Flexi – while the rest of the fleet were rented from Windsor along with a service contract.

Kraig Gray, Branch Manager at the Washington location of Windsor Materials Handling, who has a six year-long working relationship with InBond, was pleased to see the equipment was well-received.

“For many of our customers, finding the machine for the job is simple because the stock and racking height is consistent, but for InBond there’s a variety of stock and a range of racking heights in different parts of the warehouse.” said Kraig. “Due to this we had to shop around various manufacturers for specific machinery to serve each area. I’m really pleased that our determination has paid off, and I’m looking forward to continuing our work with InBond in the future.”

Windsor operates from twelve branches across the UK, offering materials handling and access equipment, for sale, hire and maintenance. Established in 1977, the business is now the UK’s leading independent supplier of Komatsu, Kalmar and Doosan forklifts, Baumann sideloaders, Atlet warehousing and JLG access equipment.

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Immingham Training Facility Opens to Reduce Forklift Accidents

With the number of distribution centres rising thanks to the growing popularity of internet shopping, the use of forklifts is becoming more common, meaning added risk for forklift-related accidents. As demand rises, businesses take on more temporary workers, making warehouses busier and increasing the risk of accidents further.

To help reduce the risk involved with driving forklifts, Immingham is now home to a new training centre designed specifically for courses on a wide range of materials handling equipment. The local branch of a leading materials handling supplier is offering courses to businesses and individuals from the new facility.

The new training facility, opened by Windsor Materials Handling, is dual accredited with both the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR), which are widely recognised in the industry.

Available in either the Immingham-based centre or on the customer’s own premises, accredited training will be delivered on all types of materials handling equipment including counterbalance, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks (PPT), rough terrain, scissor lifts and boom trucks. Windsor is also offering health and safety courses, including safety passport, as well as first aid training.

John Smith, the award-winning training manager who is fronting the scheme alongside senior instructor, Ian Kaminski, explains the importance of training. “There is a legal imperative here. Training is the only way for organisations to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary measures to ensure equipment is operated not only safely but correctly and in accordance with approved operating procedures. Businesses that conduct proper forklift safety training not only benefit from improved efficiency, but reduce the risk of injuries to operators and damage to equipment too.”

John and Ian’s combined history makes up over forty years of instructional experience across a wide range of industries including the engineering, food and construction sectors, as well as the petrochemical industry. “We offer training at all levels, so whether you are a business looking to offer your employees a refresher course, or an individual who is hoping to kick-start a career in materials handling with a beginners’ course, we will have a solution to fit your needs.”

The opening of the training centre is part of Windsor’s wider initiative to deliver operator training across the UK in an attempt to help control forklift accident rates. “Forklift driver safety is at the top of the agenda at Windsor,” says Stephen Burton, managing director at Windsor. “Forklifts are powerful tools, and if not used correctly, can result in damage to products, and even loss of life. Accidents are all too common and we have made it our aim to help customers to minimise their risks by providing sympathetic and professional training to operators; ultimately improving safety and efficiency in facilities across the UK.”

The name Windsor has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems since 1976, providing a first-class range of used and new forklifts for hire and sale. With 12 local branches throughout the UK, Windsor also offers servicing and parts for existing fleets.

For more details or to find out how to enrol on a course, visit or contact the Immingham branch on 01469 577 777.


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Windsor Celebrates 40 Years!

Since its origination in 1977, Windsor has developed into one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of independent forklift and materials handling equipment in the UK.

The last decade has been particularly good for Windsor, as it has cemented its position as one of the UK’s leading materials handling supplier, with 12 branches and a wide portfolio of services including new equipment, used equipment, short and long term hire, repairs and maintenance service, parts, and health and safety services.

Windsor is a unique player in the materials handling industry, having remained independent throughout its 40 years of operation. “We have always valued having the ability to make our own decisions,” explains managing director, Stephen Burton. “What this means to our customers is more flexibility and we recognise this as an important factor to everyone seeking a new supplier. With an approach that is more consultative rather than focussed on the end result, working to identify the requirements of the customer before making unbiased recommendations is key to our business.”

Windsor’s most recent customers include confectioners Jakemans and Hadfield Wood Recyclers, who were both supplied with Doosan forklifts amongst other materials handling equipment. But Windsor has a vast range of longstanding customers under its wing too. As a customer of Windsor’s for over 20 years, Thor Shipping & Transport’s (TST) Hull terminal is home to all manners of Windsor-supplied equipment, including counterbalance forklifts, sideloaders, reach stackers, tugs, scrubber driers and trailers.

“As a business, we have made it our aim to provide the highest quality support to customers with teams of skilled local materials handling sales staff and technicians,” continues Stephen, who believes Windsor’s strength lies with highly skilled people and attention to detail. “Whether one truck or a whole fleet is required, we structure our service around what works best for the customer. It’s this long-established ethos that’s helped us develop and retain some of our oldest clients, and we will continue to use this philosophy for the next 40 years.”

The company prides itself on being one of Yorkshire’s fastest growing companies, and aims to provide the best quality local service on a national level.

With a twelve-strong branch network, advice from Windsor is never far away, but quality support begins with a philosophy of continuous investment and a commitment to long-term partnerships built on personal customer support.

“Our ethos is to treat each customer individually, paying special attention to individual requirements,” says managing director, Stephen Burton. “Great value is placed on the knowledge and experience of our highly trained engineering teams, and we aim to deliver excellent value for our customers through inspirational service. Thanks to a local, one-stop approach for finance, hire, sales, maintenance and spares, we’re able to add value via a quick, reliable and professional service.”

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A sweet success for Jakemans

Established in Boston, England in 1907, Jakemans specialises in producing quality menthol based natural throat and chest remedies. Although Jakemans remains in Lincolnshire to this day, the privately run confectionary business has also made their move to America, where a wide range of their products are sold.770a0432

Due to the quality natural ingredients that Jakemans use in their sweets, they joined the leading provider of alternative natural remedies, LanesHealth, in 2007. As a company that focusses on people’s health and wellbeing, LanesHealth and its partnering companies are passionate about keeping their employees safe and healthy.

With this in mind, when Lincolnshire-based Jakemans approached Windsor Material Handling to look at materials handling equipment for use at their Sutterton site, safety and productivity were important factors.

Jakemans required an additional forklift truck due to an increase in their workload, and a Doosan 7 Series electric counterbalance truck was supplied. The Series 7 provides excellent safety and visibility and Doosan currently holds a number of export, design and safety awards, including five Forklift Truck Association Awards for Design Excellence. Jakemans will benefit from improved productivity and a reduction in stress and fatigue thanks to the er 770a0428 gonomically designed operator compartment providing optimal visibility and the latest approaching hydraulic controls.

It’s good news for operators too, with researchers suggesting people under stress are more likely to catch a cold when exposed to a virus than people who aren’t, something Jakemans’ health conscious managers can no doubt relate to.

In order to dispose of waste cardboard and drums in a safe manner, the customer also had a requirement for an attachment for the new truck. A Kaup 1.5T411 Fork Clamp attachment with slip on drum arms was supplied, which will provide Jakemans with the770a0426 highest rate of stability and safety when operating the new machine.

As well as the new forklift and attachment, a Doosan LEDH20M Electric Powered Pallet Truck was also delivered due to their current unit being up for renewal. The low energy consumption, easy maintenance and powerful drive motor of the truck will enable Jakemans to move goods around their facility in Boston much more quickly. The truck is also agile with great manoeuvrability and its small turning radius allows for smooth operation in the relatively small space between production, packing and storage.770a0402

770a0409Production Manager at Jakemans, Lee Vacey, was impressed by Windsor’s strong local presence and the level of service the materials handler provides. Says Lee: “The specification of the machine changed a few times during the tender, so we were pleased with how Windsor liaised with us closely to ensure the correct equipment was supplied. We are also keen on receiving a high level of service and competitive prices, which happily, Windsor has been able to deliver.”

David Hodgkinson, Sales Manager at Windsor Material Handling believes listening to customers closely but also providing fresh ideas is behind the success of their material handling solution.770a0419

“Ensuring you know the requirements of the customer is absolutely key before you can start to make any recommendations. However, it sometimes takes a fresh perspective to find the perfect solution,” He says.

David adds: “At Windsor, each material handling solution we provide is tailored specifically for each different customer and their requirements. We take into account important factors such as cost effectiveness, fuel consumption, safety, noise and maintenance, then we ensure we are providing a product that sits in line with the company’s values.”


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The strength that delivers for Thor Shipping

Thor Shipping & Transport (TST) is a leading light in the specialised integrated logistics sector, with particularly strong links to Sweden. Its strength in responding quickly and efficiently is matched by the power and productivity of by equipment designed to lift huge loads.

Trading routes between Scandinavia and Britain have been established for many years, but our relatively close proximity to our northern neighbours is only one reason behind the on-going success.

Thor Shipping & Transport (TST) is a leading light in the specialised integrated logistics sector, with particularly strong links to Sweden. Its strength in responding quickly and efficiently is matched by the power and productivity of by equipment designed to lift huge loads.

At their busy Hull terminal, containers full of timber, paper, fertiliser and cider arrive twice a week from Sweden, with Scottish Whisky and raw materials from several of the UK’s limestone and dolomite mining operations going in the opposite direction. The dolomite is used in the production of specialist steel, and it is steel that forms the bulk of the imports TST handles, for Swedish steel giant SSAB.

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An ethical approach at Freshtime

Lincolnshire-based Freshtime is a modern food business supplying chilled, value added, ready to eat salads, snacks, prepared vegetables and sandwich fillers to leading retailers and foodservice operators. Their aim is to set the standards for quality, service and taste that others will follow, and strive through modern equipment, ethical work practices and a commitment to reducing carbon, to be the type of business any major retailer would be proud to deal with.

The fast-moving chilled and ambient storage and production areas are testament to the interntional capabilities of today’s foodchain and the huge variety of foods now available in our high streets. Spanish broccoli and dutch eggs sit beside locally grown salads and more exotic ingredients from Africa, Central and Southern America.

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Windsor Metsä Difference

Fresh from a procurement process involving all the UK’s major forklift suppliers, timber specialists Metsä Wood, welcomed a select number of guests to their Boston site to celebrate the implementation of a new partnership with Windsor Materials Handing.

In choosing Windsor, the former Finnforest business cited the company’s independent approach and commitment to delivering additional safety, efficiency and fleet management capabilities as crucial elements of their winning proposal.

“Our key strength is industrial efficiency,” explained host Mike Lomas, Metsä Wood’s UK’s VP of Operations.  “We continuously demand more from both ourselves and our partners, as we look for true commitment to partnerships, quality in production and reliability in operations.”

Mike is clearly delighted with the outcome of the procurement process. As well as delivering a new nationwide service partner, it also features newly-developed equipment from both Doosan and Baumann, a high level of fleet management and utilisation data provided by GPS trackers from Fork Truck Controls, and custom-designed improvements and upgrades by Invicta Attachments.

“We respect expertise and the ability to bring together the right components to deliver a personalised service,” says Mike. “Our business is based around delivering the best product for our customers, and the materials handling operation is an incredibly important part of that process.”

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SHD Website

Two happy clients make it to the top of the SHD website…

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Windsor Stacks Up For Metsä Wood

Independent materials handling business, Windsor, has been awarded a long-term nationwide contract for the supply and maintenance of the MHE fleet of premium-quality wood products business, Metsä Wood.

The deal will see the provision and maintenance of forklifts, sideloaders, cleaning and other machines across four key production sites, and follows a six month tender process involving seven different potential suppliers and 10 equipment manufacturers, each of which were asked to come up with ways of improving an already efficient operation.

In choosing Windsor, the former Finnforest business cited the company’s independent approach and commitment to delivering additional safety, efficiency and fleet management capabilities as crucial elements of their winning proposal.

Gary Isherwood, operations purchasing manager at Metsä Wood UK, said: “Our commitment to improving our operational capabilities is a key part of our ethos, as is delivering industrial efficiencies across the business. It may make us a more demanding customer, when it comes to materials handling, but we feel it makes us a better supplier to our customers and a better company to work for.”

Efficiencies throughout the supply chain, and changing demands within the construction, industrial and distribution sectors, have resulted in changes to the way Metsä handles its Nordic premium timber, plywood and other core products.

“We surveyed the way the equipment was being utilised across all the sites,” said Windsor director, Jason Reynolds, “and felt there were several ways in which we could bring efficiencies, whilst adding flexibility and an upgraded operator experience.”

As a result, the entire fleet will now include cutting-edge GPS driver access and monitoring devices, and a host of safety, environmental and ergonomic improvements. Online fleet management will allow Metsä to monitor equipment usage and accidental damage, stay up-to-date with costs and access service records.

“The GPS devices provide valuable information for the management team, whilst additional LED lights, reduced paperwork, upgrades to seats and reduced noise and vibration levels are small improvements that add up to a far greater user experience,” said Jason Reynolds. “Improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and added safety features are all included, and the fleet will be flexible enough to respond to temporary changes or increases in future demand. This is a fleet management solution, not a standard contract for forklifts.”

The companies have also launched an operator safety award and challenged manufacturers to redesign parts of their equipment to make it both safer and more suitable to their needs.

“This equipment plays a vital role in our operation and it is fitting that we have gone for a complete package,” adds Gary Isherwood. “Windsor had a clear approach and we were impressed with the way they looked at our requirements in an objective manner. We included our operators in the decision-making process, in fact the review was driven by them, and we continue to involve them in the fleet implementation as well as look at ways of rewarding best practice and safer working.”

A selection of new Baumann sideloaders, Doosan counterbalance trucks, JCB Workmax site vehicles and Nilfisk cleaning equipment have begun to be delivered, with the whole fleet of over 50 units expected to be replaced by summer 2015.

Concludes Gary: “Our aim here is to develop a long-term partnership with Windsor, to learn more about our fleet usage and work together to take advantage of new technology. We are looking for like-minded partners that will make us aware of what is available and what is possible. It is a team effort and we are delighted with the steps taken so far.”

Windsor operates from 11 local branches across the UK, offering materials handling and access equipment, for sale, hire and maintenance. Established in 1977, the business is now the UK’s leading independent supplier of Komatsu, Kalmar and Doosan forklifts, Baumann sideloaders, Atlet warehousing and JLG access equipment.

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Does your business suffer from Parkinson’s Law of Triviality?

Best known for his adage, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” former 1950s civil servant, C. Northcote Parkinson, has passed into business folklore as a wry observer of corporate culture.

So much so that the law has even gone global, as Mikhail Gorbachev observed in 1986, when Alessandro Natta complained about a swelling bureaucracy in Italy, “Parkinson’s Law works everywhere“.

Perhaps less well known is his Law of Triviality, first mentioned in the 1956 book “Parkinson’s law, and other studies in administration.”

Parkinson outlines his idea with a theoretical committee’s deliberations on a nuclear power plant, contrasting it to deliberation on a bicycle shed. As he put it:

“The time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved.”

In other words, a nuclear reactor is so vastly expensive and complicated that an average person cannot understand it. So we assume that those working on it understand it. Even those with strong opinions often withhold them for fear of being shown to be insufficiently informed.

On the other hand, everyone can visualize a bicycle shed, so planning one can result in endless discussions because everyone involved wants to add his or her touch and show that they have contributed.

If that sounds familiar at least now you know why! Now, where did we put those bicycle clips…

Action Stations!

Classic quotes on the price of inaction…

“Never mistake motion for action” – Ernest Hemingway

“Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin

“A promise is a cloud; fulfilment is rain” – Arabian Proverb

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned” – Peter Marshall

“If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much” – Tom Krause

“Talk doesn’t cook rice” Chinese Proverb

“If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt” – Henry J Kaiser