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Award Winning Vision Of The Future

Doosan has been awarded further recognition for its futuristic Intelligent Concept Forklift, this time in the form of the iF Product Design Award.

Since 1953, iF has invited international manufacturers and designers to enter their products in the iF design awards. Design experts from all over the world come together in the iF juries to evaluate the entries: excellent design is recognized and rewarded.

Efficient, environmentally friendly and with the highest level of safety, the futuristic model of the Intelligent Concept Forklift impressed the judges with its ingenious approach to the challenges facing modern forklift manufacturing.

iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. has been located in the grounds of the Messe Hannover in Germany since its inception. The German institute’s iF design awards have long been a trademark feature and the “iF label” is recognized the world over as a seal of design excellence.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) worked closely in the planning of the Doosan Concept Forklift Project with Doosan Institute of Technology Industrial Design Team, tasking them with creating a vision of the future that incorporates new materials and production techniques, whilst sticking to the Doosan belief of simple, powerful products with great performance.

Since its unveiling earlier this year, the innovative design has received worldwide press attention, as well as being awarded the Red Dot Design Concept Award in what is said to be the world’s largest design competition.

t all adds up to great recognition for Doosan, says Naree Kang of the DIV Overseas Marketing Team: “Doosan is the company with technological power as well as superb design. These awards recognise the hard work that goes into keeping our company at the forefront of design technology and innovation, as well as raising the profile of our excellent product ranges.”

With any design intended to push back the boundaries, says Doo-yearn Jo, CTO of the Doosan Institute of Technology, the intention is to imagine what may currently seem impossible. However with Doosan’s concepts grounded in practicalities, the immediate question is usually, ‘when can it be built?’ The award winning technologists believe they have designed a machine they say could be produced within the next decade.

“Various elements of the design could be seen on our forklifts within five to ten years,” says Doo-yearn Jo. “All our concept vehicles serve a number of purposes. There is the very practical purpose of allowing us to consider the future possibilities of our designs in a way that is not linked to current production methods or models.”

The same team were also responsible for the Eco Transformer Concept Excavator ‘CX’ which also scooped the Red Dot award and is targeted to finish development by 2018.

According to the design team, this time around the key themes for the Intelligent Forklift Concept were “Innovation that embodies efficiency & intelligence.”

The ICF features many innovations to enhance productivity and usability. To provide a better view of the work area, the cabin elevation and tilting function uses a hydraulic device in line with a high-torque linear motor system. The uncluttered cab interior sees all steering and handling operations carried out via a multifunctional control joystick, helping to provide an intuitive, simplified user environment. Using augmented reality technology, the intelligent work-guide system enables safer and more efficient operation.

Being electrically powered the ICF is able to reduce emissions, excess noise and fuel costs, meeting all future international environmental standards. The highly efficient rechargeable battery enables faster recharging, providing increased work time and productivity.