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Hi I’m Richard Branson…

It’s definitely a love hate relationship between me and Virgin.

I’m loving the brand with its glam attitude and ultra-cool look, but the boss creeps me out!

However, I do like the latest Virgin Media ad featuring the fastest man on PLANET EARTH Mr Usain Bolt!… Do ya get it?…. Do ya get why they used him? Great bit of sporting endorsement in an Olympic year and some great writing to get the most out of someone who may be awesome at running in a straight line but is probably not exactly a great actor….oh yeah, and Brano’s in it too.

I don’t know if it’s the mick taking of the billionaire boss, the funny poses or that strangely attractive blonde beard…ahem… but I like this ad.

Does it make me want to go out and by Virgin Broadband? Maybe! For one I now know Virgin do broadband! Woohoo! And it’s fast apparently, which always helps when one is online shopping. So if I ever find myself wanting to switch my broadband in the future would I consider Virgin? Yeah probably.

I’m not saying this is the most creative and side splitting piece of 39 second advertising ever created, but it did make me LOL.

And as every good advertising guru knows ­- make ’em LOL and they’ll probably remember you.

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