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My first six months at TB Marketing

As the newest edition to Team Beno this is my first blog post. I think the first post you do is always the most difficult and I definitely found it challenging to actually get round to writing this.

So where do I begin. Well, I was sat twiddling my pen the other day, pondering what would be a good story to post on here, when it suddenly occurred to me…I’ve been working here for almost six months now!

It was a weird realisation, on one hand it feels like it’s only been two minutes, and the other it feels like I’ve been here forever…In a good way of course!

The one thought that keeps creeping back to me is how much I have learned in these past few months. It’s quite scary actually since this time last year I was doing my final uni exams.

When I started my new job I had no idea how involved I would be from the start. On my second day I was sat in client meetings and couldn’t quite believe it, and by my third I was drafting press releases. I can’t quite describe to you the feeling when you first see a press release you wrote on the web or in print, it’s pretty amazing and you really feel a sense of achievement.

Writing is a key part of my job, as I write press releases, case studies, comments and quotes. I am also responsible for planning and writing newsletters, including e-newsletters. Additionally, I contribute writing to promotional materials, write content for websites, and update ours and our client’s websites and social networks, so needless to say I have lots to do!

One of the things that surprised me the most about working at TB Marketing is how my opinion is counted for so much. Everyone is genuinely interested in my ideas and thoughts, and it was really overwhelming at first as I thought I’d be the little graduate who had no voice in the agency – oh how wrong I was.

The best thing about my job? No two days are the same, which I love! I also really enjoy meeting with our clients whether that be us travelling up and down the UK to see them or them popping in for a catch up and ‘posh coffee’ with us, either way it’s always great to see them.

As a newcomer to PR, I didn’t really know what to expect from my first job. My experience with PR was limited, as was my experience of the world of work in general – but I have to say it’s been a very happy six months for me. I get to work in a job that most graduates could only dream of with exciting prospects, fun colleagues and great clients – I consider myself a very lucky girl.

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