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Niche Content Marketing: Social media

Even though it has only been a handful of decades since the first email was sent, we now live in a world where life without it is unimaginable. Shouldn’t we think of social media in exactly the same way?

In our experience, many professionals in niche industries just don’t have a strong opinion of social media, and few see the value it can add. The prevailing opinion is that Social Media is becoming less broadcast and more narrowcast, with customer service channels and individual engagement coming to the fore. This may well prove to be correct over time, but for niche markets, there are still many benefits to be considered…

  • Everyone’s heard of it

These days, most people have heard of social media. For some, it is part of daily life, but even for those that have decided to stay away, it regularly gets mentioned in newspapers, on TV and anywhere else on the internet. It’s hard to not have some knowledge on tweets, likes and pokes. If a potential customer has seen your website, but wants to read how you operate day to day, it is possible your business name will appear in Twitter’s search bar.

  • A higher Google ranking – for free

Social media is essentially a free marketing tool. You might be using up all your marketing budget trying to optimise your website so potential customers find it easier on search engines, without realising that active social media channels can also boost your organic search ranking.

  • If your competitors are signed up…

Just like brochures and websites – if your competitors are doing it, you might want to jump on the bandwagon too. Not that a Facebook profile instantly changes the mind of your potential customers, but if they spot a post on something they can relate to, your chances might slip.

  • Content is king

If you are telling people you never formed an opinion on a business based on something you read online or in a newspaper, you are probably lying. We believe good content is one of the best ways to boost your reputation and make future potential customers remember your business name. Even if none of your followers are currently in the market for your product or service, something you share on Twitter could stick in their minds and help them form a decision further down the line.

  • Your website becomes more accessible

Even if none of the above points have swayed you, remember that whether it is defined as social media or not, they are very popular websites. Regularly posting with good imagery, insightful videos, offers and relevant links could see your website traffic increase, boosting your chance at winning new customers.

  • Teens of today are tomorrow’s managers

Some of you might be mature enough to remember the days before email existed (calm down, I said some). Even though it has only been a handful of decades since the first email was sent, we now live in a world where life without it is unimaginable. Think of social media in exactly the same way – it is just a new form of communication, and eventually it is going to become the norm.


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