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Teeing off 2012

It’s that time of year again! Two stress-tastic days culminating in 20 minutes of presenting to 100 barely-able-to-contain-their-excitement Doosan dudes!

The annual dealer conference is always a challenge for Team Beno, combining as it often does, pretty much everything we do (presentations, print, ads, online, photos, trying not to panic etc). This year the powers that be decreed a new discipline should be added: golf. Ordinarily, this would have prompted the just-bloody-get-on-with-it attitude so often evident at TB towers. Unfortunately, this venue was the Belfry. Home to golf in England. Host of about 5 Ryder cups. Embarrassment factor around Defcon 4.

Sadly, a dodgy elbow put paid to any actual golfing from Beno, but at least he could rely on his team captain to ‘represent’ putting in a solid 5+ hours performance worth of a warning from the course manager and almost ejection from the grounds.

Should next year’s venue turn out to be Wembley, the Crucible or, god-forbid, Wimbledon, you can be sure we’ll put in another cracking performance. The presentation will be slick, the handouts, crisp, the schmoozing set to the max. Just don’t expect any, y’know, actual sporting prowess.


For the record, ‘Doosan USA’ (which comprised of exactly ‘0’ actual americans) hammered a dismal ‘Doosan Europe’ team (which comprised of exactly ‘0’ decent golfers) but both teams went away happy having had a great day out.