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Ten Cool Doncaster Marketing Examples (and a couple of very bad ones)

Most of our work is focused on other parts of the world… Northampton, Hinckley, Gamston, Hull, er, Seoul… We don’t do as much as we’d like to locally (pay attention Doncaster business owners!) but maybe that will change soon.

We are, however, always looking around for examples of cool marketing ideas, and sometimes they’re close to home. We had a vote on our favourites from Doncaster (in the interests of fairness, none of them are ours!) here’s what we came up with…

Doncaster Marketing examples

10th: Jimmy’s Open All Hours sign
Pros: Look! That really is where they filmed Open All Hours!
Cons: Is that the best they could come up with?

Bigger Con: The actual shop is somewhere else (actually here)! And it’s a bloomin hairdressers! Bloody marketing!

9th: Rockware Christmas lights
Pros: The best Christmas lights ever, way before randoms started making their homes look a complete mess.
Cons: Consigned to history, therefore shouldn’t really be counted. Probably melted a few icecaps over the years too.

Moving down the road then…
9th: Barnby Dun / Doncaster Road poster site
Pros:  The dip in the road floods at a mere drop of rain, so you have to slow down anyway.
Cons:  Not really an example, more an opportunity… to hit the train bridge as you stare at some terrible Ye Olde Car Shop ad.

8th: Boiler Rooms Nightclub spotlight
Pros:  Another leccy-based spectacle…Massive beam of light useful for when alcohol interfered with our in-built Sat Nav
Cons:  We walked in and straight out. Probably responsible for global warming. This doesn’t exist anymore either! What is it with these lightbulb users?

8th: Doncaster City Status Facebook Page
Pros: There’s a picture of someone we know… and someone else …and someone else. If Goole are bloody going for it, why the hell not Donny?!
Cons: Will our Council Tax go down? Will the politicians get better? No, didn’t think so…

7th: Furniture Factors Elephants
Pros: Certainly eyecatching.
Cons: Elephants? Wtf?

6th: @DonnyFreePress – the DFP’s Twitter Feed
Pros: J_Jurejko and co providing essential updates for Donny news aficionados.
Cons: Our Liam didn’t get much of a mention when he did that School drumming thing…

5th: St.Leger Website
Pros: Snazzy flash website now befitting the World’s oldest classic race
Cons: It’s not HTML5. Still links to the crapfest that is the main site.

4th: Stainforth Carpets Radio Ad on Trax FM
Pros: Aislin can still remember the tune.
Cons: None of the rest of us can.

3rd: One Call Insurance Signage
Pros: That sign above the Jupiter building is ma-hoosive.
Cons: None of us have ever called. Even once. The website’s got a different domain name.

2nd: Urban-I Stand At Doncaster Races
Pros: Never heard of Urban-I before this.
Cons: Still really don’t know who they are, although we don’t want to upset them Lazarus dudes!

Doncaster marketing example1st: The Bat Van / Bap Van – Doncaster Marketing at its yummiest!
Pros: Cooplands are ace. The bring us food in a van and play the Batman tune to let us know about their arrival.
Cons: The girls from Express Law now hog the queue. Sometimes can hear the bloody thing in bed at 7am. Does Adam West know they’re using his signature tune?!



Joint winner of the worst Doncaster Marketing:

1st= Doncaster Airport Name : Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport is a stupid name. What’s wrong with “Jezza Clarkson Airport”?
1st= Doncaster Airport Twitter Joke : A bad PR day and much deserved derision for the humourless dimwits responsible for the Twitter joke trial.

Of course, that’s just our opinion. Let us know what you think is worth adding to the list!