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The 23 things we learnt at IMHX2016

You would think we’d have learnt a lot of important things at IMHX this week… maybe not!

20,000 visitors (really?!), 400 exhibitors and a lot of hard work… you would think we’d have learnt a lot of important things at IMHX this week.

1. Wherever you are at the NEC, it’s 1,000 yards to the nearest toilet.

2. Getting people to attend exhibitions is hard. The organisers did a great job at promoting the event, but…

3. There’s always a ‘Hall of Death’. Sorry Hall 8.

4. Spaciotempo’s stand gets a big thumbs up, even if it sent you a bit dizzy if you stared at it too long.

5. The Unicarriers people get our ‘most friendly’ award.

6. The faces of bored salespeople on empty stands would make excellent modern art.

7. Arty pictures of forklifts are still pictures of forklifts.

8. Big pictures of customers are a bit scary/Orwellian.

9. We expected more automation, but Toyota’s self-driving do-hicky is probably the future, so the next IMHX will be attended mostly by cobots.

10. Great to see the kids/apprentices, let’s hope they really are the future/not been scared off.

11. The urge to ride a plastic zebra was just too much for some.

12. We don’t care how impressive virtual reality goggles are, you still look a tit.

13. Pasties aren’t great, unless correctly crimped / made in Cornwall.

14. Even the people that weren’t there, were there (we saw you Red Diamond / Swisslog / Hessle).

15. Even the people that were meant to be there, weren’t (we couldn’t find you Fourk, Invicta, Molokoni, Blackdog).

16. We are still conflicted by the name SICK UK.

17. Aircon is a human right.

poorteddy18. Torturing stuffed animals should not be allowed, but is still funny.

19. It’s the people, not the products, that make for a great (or not-so great) show.

20. Leaving the NEC car park early is a good idea! Getting stuck for a couple of hours is no fun.

21. A beach bar isn’t the same without the sand.

22. 50% of attendees wished they were at a neighbouring event (allegedly).

23. Prodnose Logistics are in the market.