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In Hollywood they say ‘there’s no business like show business’. If Snoop Dogg is correct, in the hood they say  ‘there’s no business like ho business’ and after last week this guy *thumbs pointing to chest* says ‘there’s no business like fo(rk truck direct) business’.

It was a warm March morning by the River Thames and there was a new truck in Landan Taarn, so naturally, we sent a reporter down for the full scoop (or lift).

Fork Truck Direct had only gone and sold a shiny new truck to none other than ST. PAUL HIMSELF, oh… ok well maybe not the big man himself but someone who knows him, or repairs the Cathedral or whatever, but that’s unimportant! The truck arrived early on Tuesday morning, the sun was shining and St. Paul was there to welcome us a..huh? Ok, fine, he was otherwise engaged but his associates were more than hospitable.

There was a clear air of excitement around the place as the truck was unveiled, you could cut the anticipation with a fork.

The new truck, a D25s-5, is going to be used in and around the Cathedral and will be seen driving around the city (as we found out when the OBE awarded operator pulled out into the London traffic). The newly acquired truck will also be there just in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year which is extremely exciting, you could say it has been bought especially for ..what? I can’t even say that? Fine.

Here’s a picture of the new truck getting used to its new spectacular surroundings:

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