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1-up for Jofson apprentices

Forklift apprentices Ryan Dann and Dale Moston, the Jofson equivalent of the Super Mario Bros, have received a metaphorical 1-up mushroom after completing their Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships in Lift Truck Maintenance.

Embarking on their Jofson journey in 2014, Ryan and Dale joined as they began a three-year Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair programme in conjunction with the FLTA and F-TEC.

Jofson runs a continuous apprenticeship programme to support the industry and expand their engineering team with fresh talent. The programme includes five to six weeks of block release at the brand-new F-TEC facility in Swindon. Joined on the course by apprentices from other forklift companies, participants get the opportunity to learn while socialising with others within the industry.

The completion of their Level 3 apprenticeships marks three years of hard work finally paying off. The units the pair completed throughout their course are:

  • Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment
  • Supporting Job roles in the Automotive Environment
  • Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment
  • Routine Lift Truck Vehicle Maintenance
  • Removing and Replacing Lift Truck Power Plant Units and Components
  • Lift Truck Power Plant, Lubrication and Cooling System Units and Components
  • Lift Truck Fuel, Ignition, Air and Exhaust System Units and Components
  • Removing and Replacing Lift Truck Electrical Units and Components
  • Removing and Replacing Lift Truck Mechanical Handling & Chassis Units and Components
  • Inspecting Lift Trucks
  • Identify and Agree Motor Vehicle Customer Service Needs

But it’s not game over yet. Over the next few years, the apprentices will remain under the tutelage of Jofson’s experienced engineering team to ensure they stay up to date with all the latest product developments.

HR manager and big boss at Jofson, Adele Moore, is proud to see the forklift apprentices progress to the next level. “It’s a pleasure to have Ryan and Dale on the team, they have come so far already by completing Level 3,” she said. “I’m pleased they rose to the challenge and completed this stage of their apprenticeships with flying colours too.”

So, congratulations to Ryan and Dale for reaching the end of World 3 it’s now time to begin negotiating the ‘real world’ level, and collect as many coins as possible along the way. Good luck, and watch out for the Goombas!