Beno Latest News Public Relations Swisslog Video

Elf To Shelf

Team Beno is delighted to have played a small part in the creation of the 2016 Swisslog Christmas video. John Lewis better watch out…

Invicta Latest News Public Relations TB Marketing Video

Scrubbing up well

When Invicta Forks & Attachments asked team TB marketing to shoot a video displaying a Telehandler Scrubber attachment on a Wednesday in early November, the last thing we expected was snow.

What was even more ironic, is that the week before, we had filmed a Hydraulic Gritter attachment in action for Invicta, in dazzling sunshine!

The day began in a bitterly cold industrial yard in Sturton, Leeds, and within ten minutes of arriving on site, we had already started to lose the feeling in our fingers and toes. With the telehandler late due to the weather, we couldn’t say no to a hot drink and a bacon buttie.

But the telehandler soon arrived and we got to work filming the impressive piece of kit.

The scrubber was quickly attached to the telehandler and was demonstrating its potential in the yard soon after. The attachment is intended to be used to clear dust and mud from the floor of yards and warehouses, but the wet floor on the day of filming made it tricky to show the impact. At this point we made use of the cover shelter on site, ideal for both floor scrubbing and shelter from the snow!

When the snow subsided, we got some more shots from a balcony with a good view of the yard (see image of Terry and Kate laughing as the snow started again) and called it a day.

Here’s the finished product.

NB – it was colder than it looks!

Latest News Navigate Public Relations Video

Navigate Video Project

Amidst the madness of Christmas, we managed to get this great project filmed, edited and online in time for the New Year…